The 5 Chunky H&M Loafers For Women

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H&M is a multinational company with its home branch in Sweden. Due to its best quality and latest designs, it has become the second largest international brand in the world. H&M was first found by Erling Persson. At present, H&M operates in 75 different geographical markets and has around 4800 stores. H&M has a team of top designers who create the best and most stylish products. H&M is famous for its fashionable clothing range for men, women, and children. Apart from clothing, they are also into the manufacturing of other fashion accessories like footwear. They have a varied range of footwear fit for all occasions; they have sandals, slippers, heels, loafers, etc. In this article we will see exactly what loafers are and which are the best chunky loafers available at H&M.

Loafers are traditional shoes. They have gotten lost in the past, Both women and men wear loafers. Companies like H&M are bringing this wonderful shoe tradition back into fashion. Loafers are basically shoes without lace, which makes them more durable to use. On the top of it , they can be worn both with casual and formal outfits. In this quick world time management is key. These loafers can be very handy to save time. This is because  they do not have laces. They can be worn even with formals. Below are the 5 chunky loafers for women from H&M:

Snaffle-trim loafers

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As the name suggests, snaffle trim loafers are made of leather and have a lovely metal snaffle trim at the front. It has a skinny, 2.2 cm at most, heel. 100% leather makes up the upper portion, 100% polyester makes up the lining and sock, and 100% thermoplastic rubber makes up the outer sole. Its all-black color makes it suitable for any outfit. The elegant style and fashionable look of these women’s loafers make them an absolute necessity for your wardrobe.

Chunky loafers

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A decorative, lovely tab is located at the front of the chunky loafers. It has patterned chunky soles, satin linings, and leather construction. The heel is approximately 4 cm high. Its upper body is made entirely of polyurethane, while the soles are made entirely of thermoplastic rubber. There are two solid colors available: black and gold. This pair of loafers is more elegant because of its understated appearance and versatility.

Chain-detail loafers

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These leather loafers with a chain detail have a metal chain as a decorative element up front. The unique feature of these loafers is that they are constructed from recycled polyurethane with leather insoles and a chunky sole that has a 4.3 cm heel height. This smart shoe comes in two different solid colors, black and gold, and is made of 100% polyester for the lining, 100% thermoplastic rubber for the outer sole, and 100% polyurethane for the upper body. With these loafers, you’ll make a fresh fashion statement.

Block-heeled loafers

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It is made of imitation leather with satin linings, a lovely tab at the front, and supportive block heels. The shoe has 7 cm tall heels. The outer sole is made entirely of thermoplastic rubber, while the lining and upper body are entirely of polyurethane. It is offered in solid black. This is your best option if you enjoy wearing heels but find them uncomfortable to wear because of the block heel.

Tasseled loafers

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This pair of loafers has a moccasin seam around the front, a small tongue with padding, tassels, and other decorative elements. featuring satin linings and imitation leather construction Insoles made of imitation leather and flunked soles are present. Having a 2 cm heel. The outer sole is made of 100% thermoplastic rubber, the shell is 100% polyurethane, the lining is 100% polyester. It is available in solid black. It will work best with your formal attire as well as your casual.

These loafers are H&M’s top choice and go with any outfit. This will significantly improve the wearer’s sense of style and give your legs the most chunky appearance.