The Best Suede Tassel Loafers for Under $100

Every now and then, a shoe deal comes along that’s too good not to write about. We love suede tassel loafers here at They’re the perfect mix of casual and formal, blending the casual look and feel of suede with a tassel normally only seen on semi-formal loafers.

These shoes are usually priced at $500 and occasionally go on sale for $250, but many sizes are available for $100 on right now. Want to learn more about these interesting handcrafted shoes? Read below for our detailed, in-depth review:

1. The Dino Monti Men’s Paolo Tassel Loafer

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  • It is made of Leather.
  • This Premium full-grain leather upper.
  • This shoe comes with a one-piece leather lining.
  • Five-eye lace closure and Steel shank.
  • It is of Extra-long counter.

The Dino Monti Men’s Paolo Tassel Loafer is a stylish tassel loafer available in two materials: brown suede and black calfskin leather. The shoes are handmade in Italy by the Dino Monti shoe company, which is best known for its Oxfords and Wingtip lace-up shoes. Most Dino Monti shoes retail for around $200 to $500 and are sold both in Italy and internationally. The Mondo Oxford and Alpha Wingtip Oxford are probably the company’s best-known shoes.

The Paolos are stylish shoes that are exceptionally well made. The shoes are made by hand in Dino Monti’s Italian factory using beautiful leather. The suede loafers are made using extremely soft, smooth suede, while the leather loafers are made using beautiful black calf leather. Unfortunately, there’s no brown leather option available — it’s either brown suede or black leather. Hopefully, they introduce a tan leather version in the future, as it would look fantastic.

One of the biggest advantages of Paolos compared to other shoes is their attention to detail. The leather upper is handmade with beautiful details, such as hand stitching around the top and toe of the shoe. The tassels are made using soft, beautiful high-quality suede. The entire interior lining of the shoe is made from one piece of leather, giving it a very soft and luxurious feeling that’s missing on many other shoes.

The Paolo suede tassel loafers have a timeless design that looks good either with jeans, with slacks, or with a blue or gray suit and won’t ever go out of fashion. The shoes have a beautiful chocolate color that’s extremely versatile and suit a variety of outfits. The black loafers are also nice but aren’t as versatile as the brown suede ones. We think they look great with a suit and dark blue jeans, but they just don’t have the flexibility of the suede tassel loafers.

The Dino Monti Paolos are beautiful suede tassel loafers with a soft, smooth brown suede upper. The inside of the shoe is made from a single piece of genuine Italian leather.

The attention to detail in these shoes is most obvious when you flip them over. The shoes are made using a blake stitch — a handmade stitch that allows the bottom of the shoe to be resolved when it wears out. The leather soles are very beautiful, with intricate stitching and firm, tough leather that protects the shoes from moisture and dirt. It’s clear that these shoes are designed for looks first, but they’re built to a high standard and seem as if they will last for a long time if treated well, even when worn very frequently.

The heel is made of stacked leather and has a rubber tap that protects it from the pavement. In terms of height, the heel and leather insole add approximately one inch, giving these loafers a great presence. The Paolos are soft and comfortable to wear, although it can take about to week to break them in. The leather feels quite tight and firm in the first week but quickly adapts to your feet and becomes smooth and comfortable to wear.

The bottom of these shoes is as beautiful as the top. The sole is made from high-quality leather, while the heel is made from stacked leather with a rubber tap. The shoes are Blake stitched, making it easy to replace the sole.

At $499 (their normal retail price), these shoes are a good buy compared to many others in their price range. At $100, they’re amazing value, offering features not seen in shoes that cost three, four, or five times as much. Click the link below to see if they’re still available at Amazon, as only select sizes are available at the discounted $100 price.

Final Thoughts

Most major shoe manufacturers make a tassel loafer, usually priced between $200 and $300. These Dino Monti Men’s Paolo Tassel Loafers, which are handmade in Italy by the small Dino Monti company, are nice shoes that have blake stitching, soft and beautiful suede, and a price that — at least for now — sets them apart from other shoes in the same category.