How To Wear Loafers With Suits? Best Loafers To Wear With Suit

If you think that your dress provides you a noble look then remember your footwear indicates your attitude and fashion carriage. Have you ever wondered about how to wear loafers with a suit? Or Looking for different loafer shoes that suit every style?.

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History of Loafers:

It all started when Ni Gregoriusson Tveranger created a new design of shoes in the 1930s called the ‘Aurland slipper’ (later renamed the ‘Aurland shoe’) in Norway. He was the first man who initialized the design of loafer shoes.

But the name loafers started when in the late 1930s The Spaulding family in New Hampshire begins making shoes dependent on Tveranger’s plan and calls them ‘loafers.’ Later 1934 G. H Bass manufactured some shoes and named them Weejuns. In the 1950s, Loafers become a huge share of the men’s carefree shoe group.

How To Wear Loafers with a suit?

To wear loafers with suits properly you’ll have to consider the convenience of the event or setting. First thing, here are a couple of standard procedures that will work well for you: 

Never wear loafers for Black-Tie. A dark pair of Oxfords is the thing that you need. Attempt to try not to wear loafers for Business Attire and Cocktail Attire if conceivable. In case you were determined to do it, in any case, a cowhide pair of horse-bit loafers is your smartest option. 

Loafers are and will consistently be better coordinated with luxurious suits.  Although an informal suit with loafers would be fine for “business location”, in fact, suits shouldn’t be worn to business informal environments regardless. Go for an overcoat or sports coat mixes all things considered.

Loafers are always appropriate with a suit. Just make sure your trousers are ankle-length. The more important question is whether to sock or not to sock. That is the issue. The beauty of fashion is that all rules are meant to be broken, and it all comes down to personal preference at the end of the day. Socks with loafers are similar to pocket squares: wear them if you like them, don’t wear them if you don’t.

Loafers with the tuxedo suit.

velvet shoes have for some time been a worthy type of dark tie footwear. In the event that you wish to push the standards an exceptionally cleaned pair of dark cowhide loafers will likewise work as well. See above for a wide scope of shadings and style. Shading matches were fitting. If all else fails, do dark.

Different Type Of Loafers To Wear With Suits

1.The penny loafer 

As exemplary as exemplary gets. The penny loafer has a cowhide lash across the highest point of the shoe, with a jewel-formed opening sufficiently wide to hold a little coin. One hypothesis expresses that the coin was a style proclamation concocted by American private academy understudies during the 1950s. Another says the change was conveyed in the event that the wearer expected to settle on a crisis telephone decision. In any case, the style has become a design legend. 

2.The tassel loafer 

The genuine starting points of the tassel loafer are hazy, yet one potential story includes a Hungarian-American entertainer who claimed a couple of Oxfords with decorations at the finishes of the bands. The Alden Shoe Company was entrusted with making something almost identical and thought of a slip-on design that utilized the tuft as an improvement. In 1950 they dispatched the shoe subsequent to try different things with the plan, and the tassel loafer was a hit from that point on.

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3.The snaffle loafer 

You have Gucci to thank for this one. The snaffle loafer – otherwise known as the Gucci Loafer – was presented in 1968. Its distinctive element was a brilliant metal lash looking like a pony’s snaffle bit laid across the front. Gucci additionally turned the generally earthy colored loafer dark, making it sufficiently formal to be worn with suits. A loafer insurgency was conceived, and large names like Gianni Agnelli and John F. Kennedy proceeded to don the shoes. 

4.Apron loafers 

Apron loafers are recognizable by striking edges or join that polish off the toe (subsequently shaping a kind of ‘cover’ along the shoe’s front). Otherwise called moc toe, apron loafers include a different piece of calfskin that stretches out from the lower part of the top line around the actual shoe. The subsequent sewing line gives the impression of a ‘wrinkle’ between the highest point of the toe and the base.

Here are some best loafers to wear with suits,

Top 5 Loafers To Wear With Suits

1.Rockport Men’s Classic Penny Loafer

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Rockport Penny loafer is designed with comfort and style. This loafer is the best choice for everyone who wants to wear their loafers with suits. This Rockport penny loafer supports any style and suits different occasions. These loafers are finely polished and refined. The upper portion of this leather loafer is made up of pure leather which gives you a very smooth experience and this genuine leather is easy to clean. Boasts added cushioning designed to help shock absorption in the heel. Features a sponge EVA footbed designed to conform to the shape of the foot to help provide a personalized fit. Polyurethane outsole helps provide durable shock absorption to help reduce foot fatigue.

2.ALLONSI Genuine Leather Tassel Loafers for Men

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The epitome of elegance and class; Tassel Loafers, showcasing Allonsi’s Goodyear Welt guys. Wear these fashionable men’s shoes with a casual ensemble or for a corporate brunch with your formal dress. These men’s shoes go with every outfit well. In our distinguished workshops using conventional instruments, Allonsi’s Goodyear Welted Loafers for men are intricately crafted by accomplished cordwainers. Each pair is handcrafted by high-quality leather cutting and shaping, which offers an elegant appearance, extreme comfort, and natural ventilation.

The century-old architecture of Goodyear helps our selection of men’s shoes to provide optimal comfort. Although the pair can at first feel a little rigid to wear, with incremental usage, the footbed of the shoe may conform to the feet of the wearer, offering a tailored fit like never before. Clean the authentic leather shoes of Allonsi Loafers only with a leather shampoo, and use a high-quality shoe brush to extract surface dust. After washing, when the shoes are damp, let them air-dry properly before use.

3.STACY ADAMS Men’s Donovan Tassel Slip-on Loafer

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Stacy Adams loafers aren’t designed to be resoled, which is usually a requirement for a high-end shoe that sells for several hundred dollars per pair. You get what you pay for, but you shouldn’t be disappointed with Stacy Adam’s loafers. When you get them, you’ll be able to wear them out for a couple of seasons before it’s time to retire them. That alone is reason enough to become a fan of Stacy Adams’ work.

Updated tassel slip-on loafer featuring burnished leather and stitch detailFully cushioned insole with memory foam for superior padded cushy comfort and shock absorption. Lightweight durable construction with leather linings. A flexible outsole made it suitable for everyday wear. If you want the half size in between two sizes go for a larger size.

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4.Prada Men’s Saffiano Leather Plaque Slip-on Loafers, Blue

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Prada’s loafers are considered one of the best quality and most comfortable shoes from high-end luxury fashion retailers, available in both black patent leather and more pared-back tones. Because of their craftsmanship, Prada slip-on loafers are highly regarded in terms of comfort. The leather upper is fantastic, and the insole is extremely comfortable.

Prada is one of the most well-known fashion labels in history. The brand’s designers have worked hard to stay innovative while maintaining a classic, refined aesthetic. This Prada patent leather loafer embodies Prada elegance with its round toe, leather lining, 5 mm rubber soles, and the Prada triangle plaque placed front and center. The shoe is adorned with a metal triangle logo.

5.Bacco Bucci Men’s Frossi Loafer

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  • This Bacco Bucci men’s loafer is made up of 100% Leather.
  • Highly durable as its sole is made up of Synthetic material.
  • Made from the finest materials to ensure comfort, durability, and long-lasting fit.
  • This loafer is suitable for both formal and casual suits.
  • Removable cushioned insole to accommodate wider widths/orthotics.


When it comes to loafers, once again, go for a dark leather pair of horse-bit loafers. Maintain a formal tone. As with business attire, a pair of Oxfords, Derbys, or Monkstraps would still be more appropriate. Just something to always bear in mind.

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