How to Wear Loafers for Women; Tips and Fashion Ideas

The name loafer itself basically refers to a slip-on, lace-free shoe. For centuries slip-on shoes have been around here. However, according to Wikipedia, when students traveling to Scandinavia saw fishermen wearing a simple loafer style made like a moccasin, ‘Weejun’ (short from ‘Norwegian’) loafers were reportedly created back in the 1900s.

The name loafer itself basically refers to a slip-on, G.H. Bass founded a company by his own name in 1876, and in 1936 they became the first company to market the loafer style ‘Weejun’ to the masses. The name was later trademarked. To add elegance, they added a strap that would run horizontally across the loafer vamp. It seemed like the best place to put a penny because of the tiny gap in the center of the harness. This takes us to the penny loafers.

For Shopping Loafers

Loafers aren’t a “sexy” shoe and never were. Business-appropriate styles and “girls-night-out” outfits tend to be popular with shoes more commonly recognized as sexy, such as high heels. Nonetheless, loafers tend to be growing in popularity among all these groups, as well as those finding a comfortable display to match with just about any outfit, if properly put together.

You can note while shopping for the right pair of loafers that you will be forced to choose from pilgrim-inspired models, suede platform loafers, hand-designed leather loafers, and so much more. Luckily, the price range varies just about as much as the styles, so no matter what your budget is, there’s a good chance you’ll find the right pair.

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How to wear Women’s Loafers?

The Loafer is one of the most stylish and versatile footwear pieces for men and women alike. They continue to be the favorite casual slip-on shoes of all, hailing back to the 1900s, and look likely to continue to be so for many years.

Often a top choice on the “Best Pick” list of many fashion editors, they are also a staple feature in fashionistas’ wardrobes, supermodels, and daily gals all over the world. Today we’re going to look at how to wear Loafers for women and learn some of our top styling suggestions so you can put your best fashion foot forward.

How do you dress up with Women’s Loafers?

First of all, we take it casually and go street-style. A pair of shiny ladies leather loafers looks just fabulous worn with jeans and a simple white T-shirt, especially with a cute tassel detail or some sleek hardware. It elevates a casual off-duty look, which gives it a more vintage appeal and a bit of a preppy look.

Best Combo Jeans with Women’s Loafers

Whether you’re going to skinny jeans, frayed jeans, smart dark denim, or the ripped knee jeans supermodel staple, combine your pant with a classic Loafer and a down shirt button or a simple t-shirt, and you’ve got the perfect off-duty look. For a sophisticated and urban edge, throw on an oversized cardigan or leather biker jacket. That’s an attractive look and a great way to wear and style your Loafers. Feeling a little bold and trying to channel your inner fashionista, then why not combine a very feminine look with a Fedora or Panama Hat to a masculine edge.

Choose colored and Metallic Loafers

Don’t just stick to classic black or tan leather, either. Though these are super chic and so easy to wear, of course, how about trying out a pair of metallic loafers? This is a fantastic look that is going to transform you from day tonight. Worn with your favorite little black dress, a metallic Loafer will look fantastic and bring your ensemble a pop of intrigue and drama. Alternatively how about matching a pair of white loafers with a classically striped Breton shirt, a pair of chinos or smart straight cut legged jeans, and a blazer for a very stylish summer look. We love this nautical but elegant use of the Loafer to create a daytime look that is playful but still sophisticated.

Loafers for all Seasons

We’ve touched on a summer look above with a white Loafer and we’ve already stated that the Loafer is a favorite fashion-conscious “back to school” shoe. A Loafer is outstandingly flexible, and a shoe for all seasons. Wear a pressed skirt or kilt, some thick black tights, and a smart jumper or cardigan to look wrapped up in the winter.

Look the Loafer is again a great transitional shoe for an in-between season that, worn with a leather jacket and jeans produces the ideal off-duty look that is still so common and quick to pull away whatever your age and circumstances.

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Is it good to wear Women’s Loafers with Socks?

Socks or not seem to be a major debate among those who wear loafers, those who style them, and those who are interested in fashion in general. Most people tend to side with wearing loafers without socks, but a few acceptable exceptions do appear to exist. For example, if you want to wear a pair of black tights or panty-hoses with your loafers, though they aren’t exactly socks, it’s perfectly fine. Trust me, with that pairing, you ‘re not going to get any sideways glances.

Final Thoughts

There are no two directions in which to live, the Loafer is here and it’s easy to see why. They are very flexible and can be worn on almost any outfit. They will really carry you from the bar to the boardroom! All you need to do is reapply your lipstick and add a spritz of your favorite perfume.

They’re an excellent choice, whether you’re styling yours with jeans, chinos, a suit, or a dress. Throw on an elegant coat or a leather jacket. For just about everything, The Loafer should look pretty cool.

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