Go Tour Men’s Premium Genuine Leather Casual Slip on Loafers

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Clouser: Slip-on | Colors Available: Black, Brown, Dark Brown, Yellow, Blue, Black Fur, Black Punched, 

Go Tour Men´s Shoe Sizing Chart

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Manufacturer widthAmazon US width
3A, 4A, AAA, AAAAXXN (Extra-Extra Narrow)
2A/B, 2A, AAXN (Extra Narrow)
A, B, C, SlimN (Narrow)
D, R, RegularM (Medium)
E, 2E, EEW (Wide)
3E, 4E, EEE, EEEEE, WWXW (Extra Wide)
5E, 6E, EEEEE, EEEEEE, 2XWXXW (Extra-Extra Wide)
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USEuropeHeel to toe
(in inches)
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Two methods to wear, Driving shoes or slippers as you like

Go Tour loafers were created for men’s needs in lifestyle, like exquisite, handcrafted shoes that can be worn in a variety of contexts, including the workplace, elegant occasions, and leisure time, through continuous research and innovation.

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Inspired by a love of slip-on shoes, each pair is handcrafted on a last for a perfect fit and shape. For guys, Go Tour provides comfort and style. This consumer favorite comes in a variety of fun colors either with or without air ventilation upper.

Handmade rubber outsoles and a leather insole were used in the design. We design Go Tour loafers for driving, work, parties, leisure, and exploring the area.

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We strive to produce the most covetable, convenient, and trendy footwear designs by taking style inspiration from the runways to the latest street style.

We have a large selection of casual shoes to choose from. We have something for everyone, whether you’re looking for loafers, fashion sneakers, or even dress shoes.

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Every step of the manufacturing process is monitored by our quality control team. We take pride in our attention to detail and commitment to design without sacrificing comfort.

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  • Slip-on design allows for quick and easy on and off.
  • Lightweight, Flexible, and Comfort Loafer.
  • leather uppers with detailed stitching throughout.
  • Dominant Brand Name: USPTO Registered trademark “Go Tour”, trademark SN: “87256433”.Made from the top factory.
  • Best quality, no glue, no threads,100% perfect.
  • The durable rubber outsole delivers traction on a variety of surfaces.

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Customer Question and Answers on Go Tour Men’s Premium Loafers

1. Do these shoes have that awful chemical smell?

I didn’t notice a chemical smell personally. They actually smelled more like leather than anything else.

2. What materials are these made of?

Not sure but it wears, looks, and feels like leather. I’ve had these for over three months now I wear them just about every day and they look and fit just as good as they did when I first got them.

3. Are the soles removable?

The soles are not removable and because of the way the sole is integrated into the shoe, I don’t believe the sole could be removed at all without destroying the shoe.