Can You Wear Loafers With a Suit?

Today, we’re going to answer an age-old question: Can you wear loafers with a suit?

(The other age-old question we’re asked all the time is whether you can wear loafers with jeans, which is answered here.)

When loafers were originally made in the 1930s, they were designed as a casual shoe. In fact, the first loafers were made for King George VI, who ruled the British Empire during World War II and until the early 50s. He wanted a casual slip-on shoe to wear around the house (or palace, in his case) that was comfortable and stylish.

Loafers caught on in the USA in the 1930s and became a popular shoe around the world in the 1960s. Today, you can wear loafers with pretty much anything and look appropriate. But how about a suit?

From the 1930s to the 1960s, the answer would be no. If you’re a bit of a style snob, the answer might still be no. However, for the most part, it’s totally fine to wear loafers with a suit. Since the 1960s, people have worn loafers to work and to lots of events that require a suit, even in professional industries like law and finance.

Now, does this mean you can wear loafers with any suit? Not quite. If you’re going to a black-tie or white tie event, where you need to wear a tuxedo, you should wear a pair of oxfords instead of loafers. But for most events where you just need to wear a suit, loafers are totally fine.

What color loafers can you wear with a suit?

A more important question than “Can you wear loafers with a suit?” is What color loafers should you wear with a suit?

  • If your suit is blue or gray, wear brown or burgundy loafers, or black if you want to look a little more formal.
  • If your suit is black, wear black loafers.
  • If your suit is charcoal, wear black or dark brown loafers.

Which loafers can you wear with a suit?

Almost any type of loafers can look good with a suit. Tassel loafers can look great with a dark blue or gray suit, adding a more casual and dressy touch to what would usually be a conservative, formal business outfit. Penny loafers look great with suits in all colors and give a more casual appearance to a suit and tie combo. Even suede loafers can look really good with a blue or gray suit.

Need help choosing the right pair of loafers?

Whether you’re dressing for work or for a night out, loafers are versatile shoes that look good with almost any choice of clothing. Read our loafers buyer guides to learn more about the best leather loafers in all price ranges.

1. Nunn Bush Men’s Drexel Penny Loafer Slip

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  • It is made of 100% pure Leather and Imported material.
  • The synthetic sole and Shaft measures approximately.
  • Built with luxury uppers with traditional Penny Loafer details, the Drexel has a sophisticated feel that looks fantastic, whether it’s dressed in suits and dressed in denim and Chinese.
  • Fully lined Suedetec sock filler with Memory Foam and Comfort Gel deliver excellent protection right in the package.
  • Nunn Bush is highly regarded as a premier footwear brand by providing the best value and style in fine men’s footwear since 1912.

2. GM GOLAIMAN Men’s Loafer Shoes

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  • Outstanding organic leather outer and filler with seamless-touch and skin-friendly support, blemish-resistant for fast repair.
  • Modern loafer toe design, large size-sewn, flexible enough not to pinch your bad legs.
  • Foam custom orthotic to ensure lightness and outstanding durability, helping to keep your feet clean and nice.
  • Starring a 360º lacing system with a unique two-eyelet layout that matches the color of the top portion.
  • Lightweight EVA primary with a grooved toe box to increase slope stability and fatigue strength.

3. Qiucdzi Mens Leather Comfortable Loafer Shoes

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  • The top is constructed of quality leather with a smooth feel and used comfortable and double hand-crafted stitching so that hand-stitched zip shoes can be comfortable and strong.
  • The soled boots make lightweight leather shoes that are durable and present in the sample.
  • Outstanding stabilization and protection of the arch will give you a good protection output, enabling you to move easily on a straight line.
  • The top fabric is matched with a gentle, pull-resistant heel so that the body can be rotated as you would like.
  • Flatboat shoes are suitable for cycling, biking, driving, indoor job, weekend trip day or another outside workout, school, swimming, summer band, and everyday wear.

4. Go Tour Men’s Leather Casual loafers

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  • This loafer shoe is made of 100% pure Leather material and Imported.
  • This shoe is Lightweight, Flexible, and Comfort Loafer.
  • Leather uppers with detailed stitching throughout.
  • Durable rubber outsole delivers traction on a variety of surfaces.

5. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Dathan Boat Shoe

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  • It is made of 100% pure Synthetic and Imported.
  • The synthetic sole and Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch.
  • Heel measures approximately 0.75″.
  • Slip-on diver featuring moc-toe stitching and embossed logo at tongue.
  • Lightly cushioned footbed.

6. Lapens Men’s Driving Loafers Shoes

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  • This shoe is of Rubber sole.
  • Slip-on design allows for quick and easy on and off.
  • Lightweight, Flexible, and Comfort Loafer.
  • leather uppers with detailed stitching throughout.
  • Made from the top factory.Best quality, no glue, no threads,100% perfect.
  • Durable rubber outsole delivers traction on a variety of surfaces.

Final Thoughts

Although dress loafers are the perfect loafers for your suit, you definitely need to know what the loafers should be for your specific outfit. In short, loafers are great for dressing down conservative outfits. If you want to wear a suit but don’t want to stand out as someone dressed too formal, slip on a pair of loafers and you’ll bridge the gap between casual and formal very nicely.