The Best Men’s Brown Suede Loafers

Searching for a pair of brown suede loafers? Suede loafers are a great spring and summer shoe that bridge the gap between casual and formal, all while being amazingly versatile. You can wear suede loafers with jeans, with a suit, and even with a pair of shorts.

Below, we’ve listed and reviewed our two favorite men’s brown suede loafers, both of which are available for under $300. One is handmade in Italy by an artisan shoemaker and has a sleek, stylish profile, while the other is handmade in the United States by one of the world’s most popular high-end shoe companies and has more of a classic look. Both are great shoes that offer amazing quality at a reasonable price.

1. Dino Monti Men’s Paolo Tassel Loafer

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  • It is made of Leather / Suede and Rubber sole.
  • Accommodates prescribed orthotics.
  • Extra-long counter and Hidden elastic goring.
  • It is of Leather sole with a rubber heel tap.
  • It is made of One-piece leather lining.

The Dino Monti Men’s Paolo Tassel Loafer is a beautiful Italian loafer made by the Dino Monti shoe company, a small company based in Italy. All of Dino Monti’s shoes are handcrafted in Italy using high-quality suede, leather, and special materials such as calfskin. They’re also usually priced to match their quality and origins, with a retail price for these Paolo Tassel Loafers of $499.

The brown suede Paolo loafers occasionally come on sale for $250 on ShoeBuy and other websites, a price at which they’re a great value buy. Luckily, many sizes of these shoes are available on Amazon right now for $100 — a massive discount from the usual retail price.

The Paolo tassel loafers are available in two materials: the brown suede pictured above (which is our favorite), and fine black calfskin leather. The black leather loafers look more formal and fit perfectly with a blue, gray, or black suit. The brown suede loafers in this review, on the other hand, are a more versatile casual shoe that looks great with jeans, with a suit, and even with summer shorts.

Dino Monti also makes some other high-quality shoes, although they’re lace-ups as opposed to slip-on. Two of the company’s most popular shoes are the Mondo Oxford and Alpha Wingtip Oxford.

The build quality of the Paolo brown suede loafers is extremely high. From a distance, the shoes stand out as high quality. Look at them up close and the handcrafting becomes more obvious — the stitching on the shoes is very carefully done, with great attention to detail. The suede is extremely soft and smooth, with a rich color that makes the shoes stand out in just the right way. Inside the shoe, the whole lining is made using just one piece of leather for a luxurious look.

The Dino Monti Paolo loafers have a leather outsole and a stacked leather heel. The heel has a rubber tap, which protects it from impact and prevents water from damaging the back of the shoe. The leather used to make the sole provides plenty of protection when walking while still feeling comfortable. You can feel the ground beneath your feet when wearing these, especially without socks, but still, feel comfortable even when walking long distances.

The Paolo brown suede loafers are blake stitched. This is a form of construction that allows the sole of the shoe to easily be removed and replaced by a cobbler if they ever get worn out. The outsole, which is made of Italian leather, should last for several years of regular use before it needs to be replaced. With proper care, these shoes can easily last for 10 years or longer.

Slipping on the Paolos adds about one inch of height, giving them a reasonable amount of presence. Because of the blake stitching, they’re quite a sleek and streamlined shoe, with a timeless design that’s unlikely to ever go out of style. The black leather versions are nice too, but in our opinion, the brown suede loafers are the ones to buy if you’re looking for an extremely versatile shoe that can be both casual and formal.

Unfortunately, not all sizes are available at $100 on Amazon, with some sizes still priced at $499. Use the link below to check which sizes are still available at the discount price. At $100, these are the best quality shoes you are ever likely to find at this price point. The Paolo loafers run true to size but may feel slightly tight for the first week as the leather stretches and breaks in.

2. Allen Edmonds Men’s Cavanaugh Penny Loafer

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  • This shoe is made of 100%  pure Leather.
  • Made in the USA and Imported and Leather sole.
  • Heel measures approximately 1 inch”.
  • Classic penny loafer featuring stacked heel and moccasin toe.

Above, we’ve reviewed a great Italian handmade shoe that’s available at a great price. Now, we’re going to review an American-made men’s suede leather loafer that has plenty of similarities, plus a few differences that set it apart as a unique shoe.

Allen Edmonds is a legendary American footwear brand that needs no introduction. Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, and Bill Clinton all wore Allen Edmonds footwear. The company specializes in high-quality leather shoes, typically using handmade construction and Goodyear welting for its formal shoes and loafers.

The Cavanaugh is one of several loafers made by Allen Edmonds. It’s a penny loafer available in four materials and colors — chocolate suede, walnut, brown, and black. The suede Cavanaugh penny loafer is our favorite of the lot — a beautiful shoe that looks just as good with a pair of jeans as it does with a blue or brown suit. These shoes are handmade by Allen Edmonds in the United States and have an incredibly high level of construction quality.

The design of the Cavanaugh penny loafer is timeless. It’s slightly less sleek than the Paolo tassel loafer and has a more casual look as it’s a simpler penny loafer. The casual look makes this a better choice if you don’t want to look too dressy in your loafers and prefer to wear them with jeans. The suede is extremely soft and smooth, with a great color that gives the shoes a very elegant look. There’s plenty of attention to detail in the stitching around the top of the shoe, particularly around the moc toe.

Flip the Cavanaughs over and the handmade construction is very obvious. The shoes are handmade on Allen Edmonds’ 114 last in a 212-step construction process, with a beautiful leather sole that protects the shoes from moisture and makes walking extremely comfortable. The heel is made of stacked leather and adds about one inch of height to the shoes. Like the Paolos, it’s easy to remove the outsole and replace it once it’s worn out — any expert cobbler will be able to restitch a new sole onto the shoes. With great care and attention, the suede Cavanaugh penny loafers can last for 10+ years and still look fantastic.

Final Thoughts

Suede loafers are available for as little as $50, although quality at this price point can be mixed, and cost as much as $500+ for shoes from designer brands. In our opinion, you’ll find the best combination of style, quality, and value for money in the $100 to $300 range.