The Best Men’s Black Leather Tassel Loafers

Arguably the most formal of loafers, black leather tassel loafers are stylish shoes that can be used to dress up a casual outfit (think dark jeans and a dress shirt) or complement a suit. Tassel loafers have a unique style that makes them perfect for helping an outfit stand out, and in black, they’re about as formal as loafers ever get.

We love tassel loafers. They’re the perfect shoes for making a conservative suit more interesting, or for adding a bit of presence to a simple jeans-and-shirt outfit. Black leather tassel loafers can range in price from just $50 to more than $300 for high quality, often handmade shoes from Italy and the USA.

Below, we’ve listed three of our favorite tassel loafers. The first pair are simple, high-quality shoes that offer a great mix of affordability and style. The second pair are beautiful Italian handmade leather tassel loafers at an amazing price. The third pair is classic American-made black leather tassel loafers that will never go out of style.

Are you searching for the perfect pair of men’s black leather tassel loafers? Keep reading to find the right pair for you, no matter how small or large your budget might be.

1. G.H. Bass & Co. Men’s Walter Slip-on Loafer

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    • It is made of 100% Leather.
    • Made in the USA or Imported and it is of Leather sole.
  • Heel measures approximately 1″.
  • Slip-on leather loafer with tassel and kiltie fringe featuring moc-toe stitching.
  • Leather midsole and Contoured footbed.

Bass is famous for making high-quality affordable shoes, and the Layton Kiltie tassel loafer is one of their best low-cost men’s shoes. The Layton Kiltie black leather tassel loafers have a timeless, versatile design that makes them a good choice for wearing with jeans, with slacks, or with a suit. The leather is a deep black, giving the shoes quite a formal look for a pair of loafers.

The Layton Kiltie tassel loafers fit quite comfortably, although the shoes are fairly narrow. If you have wide feet, you’ll want to choose the E width. The stitching around the shoe is well done, although it doesn’t have the same level of attention to detail as what you’d find on more costly shoes. The tassels look nice and the shoe itself is a great looking item that complements any casual or formal outfit. For $33 to $109, depending on size, these shoes offer great value for money.

The outsole of the Bass Layton Kiltie loafers is made of leather. It’s stitched onto the insole (which is also leather, and very soft and comfortable) and can be replaced if and when the shoes get worn down over time. The heel adds about one inch in height, giving the shoes a good presence. The Layton Kiltie loafers feel sturdy and comfortable to walk in and are ideal for city walks, without ever feeling too stiff on the feet.

Two things separate the Layton Kiltie black tassel loafers from more expensive shoes. The first is the quality of the leather used for the upper. The leather used on the Bass loafers looks good, particularly for a shoe in this price range, but it just doesn’t have the softness or detail of the more expensive shoes reviewed below. The other factor is the level of attention to detail. When you look closely at the Bass Layton Kiltie loafers, the stitching isn’t quite as precise and accurate as the two handmade shoes listed below in this guide.

The Layton Kiltie loafers are comfortable to wear and feel nice on the feet. However, they do feel a little tight for the first week as the leather loosens and breaks in. It’s best to wear them for 20-30 minutes at a time for the first few days while they adapt to your feet.

Overall, the Layton Kiltie loafers from Bass are good black leather tassel loafers at a fantastic price. If you need a comfortable, stylish, and versatile pair of shoes to wear to work, around the city, or just with casual clothes, these are one of the best value options you’ll find.

2. Dino Monti Men’s Adesso Lace Up Oxfords

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  • It is made out of Leather and Rubber sole
  • Accommodates orthotics.
  • Extra-long heel counter.
  • One-piece leather lining.
  • Rubber sole and Steel shank.

Dino Monti is an Italian shoemaking company that produces beautiful Oxfords, wingtips, and other men’s formal shoes. The Paolo Tassel Loafer is one of their few men’s casual shoes, and it’s arguably the best value loafer you can buy, provided you can find it at the $100 discount price. These shoes have a retail price of $499 and occasionally go on sale for $250. Right now, has select sizes available at a huge discount price of just $100 a pair.

All of Dino Monti’s shoes are handmade in Italy using extremely fine leathers. The Paolo Tassel Loafer comes in two varieties: a brown suede tassel loafer, which is one of our absolute favorite shoes, and the black calfskin version you can see in the photos above. The calfskin leather used for the black pair reviewed in this guide is very soft and smooth, with a unique look that makes the shoes stand out and command attention.

The design of the Paolo Tassel Loafers is a timeless classic, with a sleek silhouette and a classy moc toe. The shoes have a normal profile and don’t feel too narrow on the feet — a common issue with handmade Italian shoes. The fit is quite tight for the first few days as the leather stretches to accommodate your foot, but after a week of wear, the Paolo Tassel Loafers feel extremely comfortable and natural, even when they’re worn without socks.

In terms of looks, the Paolo loafers are quite versatile. Since they’re black, they go great with dark blue and black jeans. They also add a classy, stylish look to a blue, gray, or black suit. If you’re feeling confident, you could even wear them with a pair of dark-colored shorts.

Since they’re Italian handmade shoes, the Dino Monti Paolos have an incredible level of attention to detail. The stitching on the top of the shoe, particularly around the moc toe, is expertly done. The shoes have hidden elastic goring that allows them to fit perfectly on the feet without affecting their looks. The quality of the leather is far beyond any other shoes in this price range.

Take a look at the bottom of the Paolos and you’ll find a leather sole with Blake stitching. The stitching allows the loafers to be taken apart if they ever become worn out and a replacement sole to be fitted. The heel is made of stacked leather and has a rubber tip, which protects the shoes very well. The heel of the shoe is about one inch tall, giving the shoes a total of slightly more than one inch in extra height due to the leather insoles. All in all, the Paolo loafers add some height presence to the wearer without looking too obvious.

At $499, which is their normal retail price, these are great shoes priced in line with the competition. At $100, which is the current price on Amazon for many sizes, they’re far beyond anything else in their price range and might be the best shoes you can buy for $100. If you can get these at the discounted price, they’re highly recommended.

3 Allen Edmonds Men’s Maxfield Tassel Loafer

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  • Slip-on loafer dress shoes.
  • Moc toe loafers with tassels and underlay weaved saddle and collar.
  • Lined premium calfskin leather is upper.
  • Single oak leather sole.
  • Handsewn construction.
  • This shoe is recraftable.
  • It is made in the USA in Port Washington.

The Allen Edmonds Men’s Maxfield Tassel Loafers are beautiful black leather tassel loafers handmade in the United States (Port Washington, Wisconsin, to be specific) by Allen Edmonds. With a braided accent around the top and toe of the shoe, these tassel loafers have a classic look that makes them suit both casual and formal clothing. In addition to black leather, they’re available in chili and mixed chili/black. We think the black is the color to choose since it complements the shoe’s classic design perfectly.

The Maxfield loafers differ from the Dino Monti Paolo loafers in several ways. First, the shoes have a rounded toe and slightly narrower profile that makes them less dramatic looking on the feet. While the Dino Monti shoes are designed to stand out, the Allen Edmonds feel more like they’re designed to complement a suit or pair of jeans. In terms of quality, the Maxfields feel stronger than the Paolo loafers, but the difference isn’t significant. The biggest difference between the two shoes is the look: the Allen Edmonds is a very classic shoe, while the Dino Montis have more of a modern look.

Allen Edmonds handmakes their shoes in the USA, and it shows. The attention to detail on the Maxfields is very high, with beautiful stitching and accents on the upper of the shoe. These shoes are hand welted and feel sturdy and comfortable on the feet. The interior of the shoe has plenty of support for your feet and feels comfortable right from the beginning, with only a short break-in period before the shoes feel totally natural.

The leather sole on the Allen Edmonds Maxfield black leather tassel loafers is strong and sturdy, keeping moisture out of the shoes and remaining comfortable even on rough concrete. The shoes have a leather heel with a rubber top to provide additional durability. Like almost all Allen Edmonds shoes, they’re recraftable — you can either send them back to Allen Edmonds if the sole is worn out or take them to a local cobbler.

Overall, the Allen Edmonds Maxfield tassel loafers are extremely high-quality shoes that are priced well for their excellent materials and level of attention to detail. With good care, they can last for 10+ years. At $165 to $275 a pair, they’re also priced extremely well for a handcrafted shoe that’s made in the United States.