The Best Men’s Black Leather Loafers

Are you searching for a pair of black leather loafers? Loafers are incredibly versatile shoes that look great with jeans, business casual clothes, and even a suit. Along with brown leather loafers, black loafers are a comfortable, easy-to-wear alternative to oxfords and other men’s lace-up shoes.

Leather loafers can range in price from $50 to more than $2,000. Below, we’ve reviewed three men’s black leather loafers at different price points — one pair for under $100, another for $100 to 200, and another at $200+ — to help you find the best black leather slip-one in your price range.

All three of the shoes listed below are comfortable, durable, and stylish. Read on to learn about the biggest differences between a sub-$100 pair of men’s loafers, a $100+ pair, and a handcrafted pair of leather loafers available for $250+.

1.  Bass Men’s Larson Penny Loafer

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  • It is made of 100% Leather.
  • This product is Imported.
  • This shoe as a Leather sole.
  • This shoe Shaft measures approximately.
  • Mixed material uppers.
  • Genuine leather sock lining.
  • This handsewn construction.
  • This shoe is stacked heel.

The Bass Men’s Larson Penny Loafer is a stylish, well made black leather loafer that’s available for under $100. It looks great, is incredibly versatile, feels very comfortable, and offers amazing value for money. One of the best shoes on the market for under $100.

  • Classic penny loafer that looks great with jeans or with a suit
  • Leather upper, with a leather and rubber outsole
  • Heel measures one inch, adding a slight amount of height
  • Fits true to size, with comfortable leather lining inside the shoe
  • A versatile, high-quality shoe that offers amazing value for money

The Bass Larson is available in three colors: black, burgundy, and burgundy with a brushed finish. While the burgundy loafers look the best with casual clothes, the black looks great with black and dark blue jeans and with a suit, making it a versatile shoe.

Although the Bass Larsons are priced at under $100, they’re high-quality shoes that are made from good leather and are built to last. The quality isn’t on the level of Allen Edmonds and other handmade shoe companies, but these are quality loafers that will last for several years if cared for and treated well.

Surprisingly for shoes in this price range, the Bass Larsons have a leather outsole with sole stitching. The sole holds up well in rain and on pavement and can be replaced if it wears out. The insole and interior of the shoe are also leather and feel extremely comfortable against the foot. The Larsons have a contoured footbed with arch support, making them very comfortable to walk in even for long distances.

The Bass Larsons can feel quite tight when they’re new since the leather is reasonably thick. The leather will break in after about one week of wear. After a week, they feel extremely comfortable and are great for wearing with a suit to work or just with casual clothes for a walk. Most people will fit a size D width comfortably.

Overall, the Bass Larsons are a great choice that looks good with a suit, with jeans, and with casual clothes. An affordable pair of shoes that are very versatile and work well.

2. G.H. Bass & Co. Men’s Logan Flat Panel Loafer

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  • This product is 100% Leather.
  • Made in USA or Imported.
  • Leather sole.
  • Heel measures approximately 1″.
  • Slip-on leather loafer with tassel and kiltie fringe featuring moc-toe stitching.
  • Leather midsole and Contoured footbed.

The Cole Haan Men’s Britton Bit Slip-On Loafer is a stylish black leather horse-bit loafer that’s versatile, made using high-quality leather, and designed to last. Priced from $112.90 to $198, the Britton Bit slip-ons offer great value for money and sit just above the Bass Logans in terms of material and build quality.

  • Classic horse-bit loafer that looks great with jeans, a suit, or semi-formal clothes
  • Leather upper, with a leather insole and leather sole
  • Heel measures about one inch, adding a reasonable amount of height
  • Fits true to size, although it can take up to one week to break in the leather
  • Better construction quality and materials than the Bass Larsons at an affordable price

If you’re looking for a high-quality pair of black leather loafers at an affordable price, it’s hard to look past the Cole Haan Men’s Britton Bit slip-on loafers. These loafers use high quality imported leather for the upper and insole, with a leather sole that keeps the shoes protected from rain, dirt, and mud and can handle frequent use and walking on concrete with little wear.

The Britton Bit loafers cost slightly more than the Bass Larsons, starting from $112 on For the extra money, you get a shoe that has more attention to detail, particularly in the stylish and finishing. The Britton Bit loafers also have softer, higher quality leather and come in black and chestnut.

The sole on the Britton Bit loafers can be replaced if it wears out. Many owners get a thin rubber sole installed on top of the leather to add extra protection to the shoe. While the Britton Bit loafers aren’t designed to walk on grass or most wet surfaces, they handle rugged conditions surprisingly well for dressy leather shoes.

Inside the shoe, the Britton Bit loafers have a soft insole that keeps the shoes comfortable even when walking for long distances. Like the Bass Larsons, it can take about one week of use to break in the Britton Bit loafers, after which they become a lot more comfortable.

All in all, the Cole Haan Britton Bit Loafers are a stylish, high-quality pair of black leather loafers at a price point that’s very affordable. A nice step up from the Bass Larsons for people that care about quality and style.

3. Cole Haan Men’s Ascot II Loafer

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  • It is 100% Leather and it is an Imported product.
  • It is made of Leather and Rubber sole.
  • The shaft measures approximately low-top from arch.
  • Heel measures approximately 1″.
  • Moccasin-toe dress loafer with a stacked heel and decorative tassels.
  • Shoe width 3E and XW are the same. Refer to the size guide for size conversion and shoe widths.

4.  Allen Edmonds Men’s Kenwood Slip-On

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  • It is made of 100% Leather.
  • Leather and Synthetic sole.
  • Unlined handsewn beef roll penny loafer.
  • Leather lined plug and Single leather sole.
  • Pinking details subtly reinvent a classic loafer.

The Allen Edmonds Men’s Kenwood Slip-On is a high-quality black leather loafer made using excellent leather with incredible care and attention to detail. Handcrafted in the USA, the Kenwoods use beautiful leather and are hand-stitched using Allen Edmonds’ 800 last to create a comfortable, durable, and long-lasting slip-on shoe.

  • Handcrafted in the USA by Allen Edmonds on the 800 last
  • Leather upper, leather interior, and leather manmade sole
  • Beautiful picking details around the shoe, with hand stitching
  • Classic styling that looks great with a suit or with a pair of black or dark blue jeans
  • Comparable to other shoes in the $500+ price range

What’s the difference between the Allen Edmonds Kenwoods and the Cole Haan Britton Bit loafers above? The Allen Edmonds Kenwoods use higher quality, thicker, and softer leather. They’re made in the USA to the highest standards of quality. They also use hand-stitched construction that makes them easy for any cobbler or shoe repair shop to repair.

This means that they’ll look better, fit more comfortably, and last longer than most other shoes. Like most handmade shoes, it takes one to two weeks to break in the Allen Edmonds Kenwoods. During the first week, they can feel a little stiff but quickly become very comfortable. Although they’re not walking shoes, the Kenwoods are great for city walks, with durable leather soles that repel water well.

At this price point, the most impressive thing about the Kenwoods is the level of attention to detail. These loafers have beautiful styling, with intricate zig-zag edges on the top of the shoe that make them stand out from the crowd. They’re available in four colors: black, burgundy, tan, and burgundy gentry leather. In our opinion, the black ones are some of the best looking men’s black leather loafers around.

The hand welting on the Kenwoods is done very well and keeps the shoes firm and solid but extremely comfortable. It’s easy for a cobbler to take these apart and add a new sole, meaning that the shoes will last for 10+ years with good care. We have seen many examples of Kenwoods and other Allen Edmonds shoes that have lasted for 10 or 20 years and still look great.

Overall, the Allen Edmonds Kenwoods are great handcrafted loafers that are priced very well for a shoe that’s made by hand in the USA. Although they’re more expensive than the other two shoes on this list, the Kenwoods are by far the best black leather loafers on this list and are worth the extra money due to their leather quality, their handmade construction, and the ease at which they can be resolved by a cobbler.