Best Backless loafers for women-Reveiws & Buying Guide

If you are a shoe lover, looking for an effortless and timeless style, there is one shoe style that is most suitable for you. It’s backless loafers, where the setting collection was reworked slip-on, lashing the back and lining the interior, creating new and ultimate easy shoes called backless loafers. They fall in between shoes and slippers, providing high comfort and a smooth feel. They are smart enough to pair with your casual wear, suits, skirts, ankle lengths, and so on. The best way to wear them is by pairing them with ankle denim or a simple dress.

What is a Backless Loafer?

Backless loafers are also known as Mule is a style of shoe that has no back or constraint around the foot’s heel.
The loafers can replace your casual shoes adding a bit of style to your look.

How to wear backless loafers? Tips for walking without slipping off

Backless shoes are the best trendy and stylish shoes you can ever have, but the only problem is that they are kind of hard to wear. It is especially difficult for fast walkers, you have to end up flexing your toes which leads to muscle spasms and foot pain.

Tips for walking in backless loafers without them slipping off are:

1. Use no-slip shoe inserts
There are a variety of products on the market for this purpose, the idea behind this is that they are adhesives that prevent the foot from slipping out when you are walking. These no-slip shoe inserts are cheap, reusable, and worth trying.

2. Use hairspray on your feet
This will make your feet smell like hairspray and make your feet sticky. This is a cheap way to solve your problem if you already own a hairspray.

3. Use double-sided tape
Line the insole of your shoe with double-sided tape or place small strips of the tape in a few keep places like the toe, the sides, which creates a sticky area that your foot can adhere to.

4. Put deodorant on your feet
Sweat might be the major problem of slipping out of your backless flats. To overcome this issue, you can use your regular deodorant to keep your feet away from sweating. Apply a layer of antiperspirant to the bottom of your foot, dry completely before putting on your shoes.

5. Make the bottoms of the shoes less slippery
If you are wearing new shoes, you might have the risk of having the bottom of the shoe slip itself on the foot. Prevent this by creating scratch marks or indentations on the bottom of the shoe with the help of a nail, knife, or sharp pointed end.

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Best Backless Loafers for Women

1. XYD Womens Retro Slip On Backless Loafer

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XYD is a professional women’s shoe brand that always keeps track of the latest trends and provides a modern feel. This shoe brand is perfect to wear with dresses, shorts, denim, and skirts. These shoes are a must-have in your shoe closet, you can complete your look on any outfit for the office, party, work, wedding, nightclub, or other occasions. These backless mule loafers give you a fashionable and trendy look.


  • Flat mules-Timeless, easy to wear, and provides relaxation to your feet.
  • Easy and comfortable to wear all day, provides a stylish look.
  • Made from environment-friendly synthetic materials.
  • Slightly padded insole and rubber outsole to provide maximum comfort.
  • Suitable for various occasions like office, party, wedding, etc.

2. Fericzot Slip On Mule Backless Loafers

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Fericzot backless mule loafers are cute pom pom decorated shoes. These are stylish and simple flat pointed slippers, with an energetic look. These backless loafers can be worn in the spring, summer and other seasons, fashionable and comfortable embroidered pointed flats. Backless mule loafers with an anti-skid rubber sole, a flexible slip-on style, and smooth upper flock are easy to walk.


  • Simple and stylish with pom pom elements.
  • Pointed flats that are fashionable and comfortable.
  • High-quality anti-skid rubber sole and a flexible slip-on style.
  • Suitable for many occasions like office, party, daily wear, etc.
  • Gives an elegant and confident look.

3. JENN ARDOR Women’s Mule Flats

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Jenn ardor backless loafers add a classy touch with their pointed toe and slide-on design. This pair of shoes are a cute addition to your look whether you’re going to the office, shopping, or hang out with friends. Jenn backless loafers women comfortable slip-on mules are high-quality and budget-friendly.


  • Made from synthetic materials, environment friendly.
  • Various colors are available to meet your requirements.
  • Suitable with all sorts of garments, formal dress pants to casual floral skirts.
  • Backless mule loafers are comfortable even after a long day’s walk.

4. Tilocow Flat Mules for Women 

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Tilocow design and develop fashion functional women’s shoes to solve the footwear problem. These pointed flat backless mule loafers are easy to match with any outfit, whether trousers or dresses. These slip-on loafers are easy to wear and take off. It has a soft upper and elastic insole that is comfortable and feet friendly. Flat mules make you feel more free and breathable.


  • Comfortable, no pressure, avoid blisters.
  • Simple and stylish.
  • Anti-slip and prevent mules from slipping.
  • Suitable for multiple occasions such as working, party, and daily use.
  • Matches with various outfits.

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5. LAICIGO Women’s Casual Loafers

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These Laicigo faux suede loafers are made of high quality! This pointed-toe heel will keep you comfortable even after wearing it for the whole day. The easy-to-wear feature makes it easy to wear these shoes on and takes them off. These shoes are easy to pair with jeans, skirts, and dresses.


  • Soft, comfortable, skin-friendly fabric and feels good.
  • pointed toe loafers with style and comfort.
  • Suitable with jeans, skirts, and dresses.
  • Suitable to wear in spring, autumn and winter, casual, office, party, travel, street and so on.
  • Easy to put on and take them off.

6. MUSSHOE Mules for Women 

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Musshoe falt backless loafers women are designed with low heels, which increases comfort. The ring buckle design on the outsole is added to make them more fashionable. The upper or outer sole is made up of artificial leather and micro-velvet. The sole is made up of rubber, which increases friction and slip-proof performance. Suitable for many occasions like parties, shopping, working, dating, etc.


  • High-quality backless loafers that are comfortable.
  • Fashionable design and slip-proof sole.
  • Suitable for parties, working, shopping, and other events.
  • Can pair them with different outfits to complete your look.
  • Double padded memory foam.

7. FOOTSELF Dunion BAMBO Women’s Loafer

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Footself provides beautifully crafted shoes that are trendy and fashionable. It has a double-padded memory foam footbed and lightweight sole made for daily wear, slip-resistant rubber outsole provides comfort for prolonged wear. It is ideal for work, driving, climbing, daily wearing, and other events.


  • Made up of faux leather.
  • Easy to wear and take off.
  • Double padded memory foam footbed and lightweight sole.
  • simple and classic backless loafers decorated with metal chains.
  • Suitable for all seasons and all occasions.

8. VFDB Women’s Bowtie Backless Mule Loafers

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VFDB backless loafers women are bowtie mule slippers with an anti-skid rubber sole, smooth and soft velvet upper, flexible slip-on style. These shoes are convenient and easy to wear, perfect for all seasons. Mule loafers are perfect to match with cropped jeans, skirts, and other dresses. Suitable for all occasions like office, leisure, daily wear, and other events.


  • Excellent quality, smooth and soft.
  • Anti-skid rubber sole and a flexible slip-on style.
  • Suitable for all seasons and outfits.
  • Flats with bowtie, simple, elegant, and fashionable.
  • Convenient and easy to wear.

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9. MARC JOSEPH NEW YORK Women’s Leather Loafer

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Marc joseph’s backless loafers are versatile and unique style. The soft calf leather adds distinct texture and the heel provides great support. It is completely made up of leather, and a rubber sole. It has a gel heel insert and a fully padded footbed for optimized comfort. The sole is durable and flexible, cup-sole technology for walking traction and superior comfort.


  • Fully lined in genuine kid napa calf leather.
  • Durable and flexible injected rubber sole.
  • Fashionable and comfortable for whole day wear.
  • Soft leather upper
  • Handcrafted and stitched.

10. sorliva Women’s Leather Mules Backless 

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Sorliva backless loafers women are casual leather flats with rubber soles. These slip-on side loafers are made up of comfortable PU leather upper with a classic gold buckle design. The mules are cushioned with memory foam for extra comfort, rubber outsole provides a good grip on slippery surfaces. They can be worn the whole day for working or shopping.


  • Good design and fashionable, that gives an extraordinary look.
  • The rubber outsole provides a good grip on slippery surfaces.
  • Perfect for casual wear, shopping, etc.
  • Easy to wear and take off.
  • Suitable for summer, fit with any occasion.

11. Ruanyu Womens Flat Mules 

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Ruanyu women’s backless mule loafers are pointed-toe slip-on sandals. These are low-heeled slide sandals, slip-on casual mules with stylish studded tassel. These are easy to wear and a timeless style with tie knots backless. Suitable for casual, home, party, travel, beach, and for all seasons. You can match them with casual outfits, upscale outfits, and anything in between.


  • High-quality PU leather and synthetic sole.
  • Suitable for work, party, shopping, etc.
  • Fashionable and timeless style.
  • Provides a smooth and soft feel and comfortable for long wear.

12. Divanne Slip On Loafers

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Divanne women’s floral velvet mules shoes are ideal if you want to be comfortable and warm outside. They are soft and lightweight, you can wear them both indoors and outdoors. The lamb fur lining will keep your feet warm, irrespective of the weather. The design gives complete coverage to your feet from toes to heels. Excellent quality, anti-skid rubber sole, smooth and soft velvet upper, flexible and slip-on style. It is convenient and easy to wear, perfect for all seasons.


  • Made up of PU leather, rubber sole to provide the slip-proof feature.
  • The fur lining keeps your feet warm.
  • Anti-skid rubber sole.
  • Convenient and easy to wear.
  • Perfect to wear for office, home, shopping, etc.

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Factors to consider when buying loafers

It is not only investing money to buy shoes, You should also consider a few important factors before you buy shoes.

Comfort is the first factor to keep in mind when looking at various loafers since we use to wear them for a long duration. Loafers must have the following

  • Cushioning – soft lining inside the loafer will guard your foot against strain.
  • Right fitting – Make sure to buy the perfect size, too large or too small can create blisters or pain in the foot.
  • Correct width – choose a pair in which your heel and ankle are not rubbing against.

Avoid heels, for daily use 2-3 inches is ideal, more than that will cause pain and discomfort in your feet. Wedge heels are the best choice as they evenly balance the pressure on the foot.

when you are selecting the shoe design, keep the following in mind

  • Avoid shoes with ankle straps that cause immense pain.
  • Do not buy glittery shoes for office use.
  • Never go for bright colors for casual wear

Tips to maintain your shoes

Shoe Maintenance Tips:

1. Keep the shoes in a dust-proof bag or wrap with a soft cloth, try to avoid contact with solvents, acids, alkali, oils, and other corrosive materials. Clean shoes regularly, avoid hard brushing, and use shoe polish on the shoe surface; this will reduce the life of the shoe itself.

2. Artificial leather: Cleaning the artificial leather surface is relatively simple, just clean the surface with a damp cloth and then dry-wipe immediately.

3. Sanded Leather (Suede Leather): This material is also relatively simple to clean, use a clean and dry toothbrush; brush the surface in one direction.

4. Patent leather: Due to its non-absorbing nature, this leather is easy to clean. Clean the leather with a wet cloth and dry-wipe immediately.

5. For other maintenance and cleaning, a professional cleaning service is strongly recommended.


Backless loafers are also a common occurrence. These are hybrids of a loafer and a mule which is also called a slide. Backless loafers come in the classic penny, with fringe or embellishments, and in a variety of materials and prints or patterns. Our suggestions above are the best backless loafers for women available in the market. These are the best backless loafers to buy in every price range for you.

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