Allen Edmonds Kenwood Penny Loafers Review

The Allen Edmonds Kenwoods are classic beef roll penny loafers. Like all Allen Edmonds shoes, they’re extremely well made and have a classic, timeless design, these are excellent shoes at a fantastic price for American made Allen Edmonds.

1. Allen Edmonds Men’s Kenwood Slip-On

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  • It is made of 100% pure Leather.
  • The shoe is of Leather and Synthetic sole.
  • Unlined handsewn beef roll penny loafer.
  • It is of Leather lined plug.
  • It as 800 Last.
  • Single leather sole.
  • Pinking details subtly reinvent a classic loafer.

Allen Edmonds offers the Kenwood in four colors: tan, black, burgundy, and a special burgundy gentry leather. All four colors look great, but our favorites are the tan and burgundy shoes. Both have a great semi-formal look and go well with either a pair of jeans or a suit, while the black shoes have a more formal look that’s great for events or the office.

As classic penny loafers, these are designed for comfortable wearing with or without socks. They feel a little stiff for the first few days of wearing, but the leather quickly softens up to accommodate your feet. After a week, the Allen Edmonds Kenwoods feel extremely comfortable in socks or in bare feet, making them great summer loafers.

Materials and construction quality

We’re huge fans of Allen Edmonds shoes here at Top Loafers. All American made Allen Edmonds shoes have the great build quality, and the Kenwood loafers are no exception. These shoes are made using high-quality leather that feels soft and comfortable but strong enough to handle regular wear. Unlike other Allen Edmonds shoes, the Kenwood loafers do not use Goodyear welt construction. Instead, they are hand sewn on the 800 last.

The sole is made from a single piece of leather, with a manmade heel. When it comes to fit and feel, the Kenwood loafers feel extremely comfortable on your feet and can more than withstand regular use. The entire sole is fully replaceable, making them easy to resolve after a few years of use at your local shoe repair shop.

There is a slight breaking in period with the Kenwood loafers. Expect them to feel a little tight for the first week, but they’ll quickly loosen up and feel more comfortable after a few days of wear. After the first week, these are very comfortable shoes that feel totally natural on your feet with or without socks.

The leather upper on the Kenwood penny loafers have a nice shine to it. All in all, these are excellent shoes that fit well, look great, and are obviously built with durability in mind. For a daily pair of penny loafers, they’re a great choice.


The Allen Edmonds Kenwood loafers bridge the gap between casual and formal really nicely. They look good with a pair of jeans and also very natural with a suit, making them a good all-round pair of leather loafers. If you wear a suit and like to “dress down” using your shoes, the Kenwood penny loafers are a great choice.

We recommend the tan or burgundy loafers if you usually wear blue, gray or brown clothes, and the black pair if you usually wear a dark blue or black suit. For the best versatility, get the tan or burgundy loafers, since they “work” with the largest variety of colors.


The Allen Edmonds Kenwoods fit true to size, so buy the same size as you would for any other pair of shoes. They can feel a little stiff out of the box, but quickly adjust to your feet and soften up during the first week of wear.

Value for Money

Priced from $156 to $250 on Amazon, the Kenwoods are excellent shoes that offer some of the best value for money of any loafers in Allen Edmonds’ collection. Even at the full retail price of $250 per pair, the Kenwood loafers offer incredible value for money and will easily last for 10+ years of use with proper care.

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2. Allen Edmonds Men’s Combination Cedar Shoe Tree

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  • It is made of 100% Cedar.
  • This shoe tree is Made in the US.
  • Combination cedar shoe tree with adjustable split-toe designed to absorb moisture and retain shoe shape.

The Allen Edmonds Kenwood Loafers are available for $156.09 – $250.00 on with FREE returns. We recommend buying a pair of Allen Edmonds shoe trees to help them retain their shape and avoid wrinkles in storage.